This response was sent via email to Kristen, a Globe and Mail reader. It is from Gerald Owen, reader response editor at the Globe and Mail. I received it as a forward from a colleague.

“Thank you for your letter, to which Mr. Greenspon has asked me to reply.

Yesterday morning, the first four letters on the letters to the editor page all complained about this cartoon.

The intention of the cartoonist was not racist. Rather, the idea was that mathematics, one of the essential elements of education, does not vary with ethnicity, though language often does. The cartoon was therefore critical of the proposal for a black-focused school in Toronto, and this was expressed by the words “Afrocentric algebra …” at the top. We regret that it was offensive to a considerable number of readers.
yours truly,

Gerald Owen
reader response editor”

Your thoughts? As far as apologies go, do you think this goes far enough? And do you agree that mathematics does not vary with ethnicity? Wow, there are so many issues at stake here.