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Not for babies!

Not for babies!

Here we go again. Three short months after our post about the ill effects of cold medicines on infants, we are now hearing about another hazard in the good old-fashioned medicine chest: Vicks Vaporub! And this time I can’t even come with a good dose of self-righteousness. That blue jar was a staple in our house when I was growing up, right along with Limeacol, Alcalada and Dettol. Come on now, I know I’m not alone here. As a kid, all I had to do was clear my throat a little too hard, and I would find myself greased down with Vicks — chest, back and foot bottoms. Some people even smeared it under the nose — I’m sure glad my mother didn’t go THAT far. It was enough to be slathered in the stuff so much you were all but sticking to the sheets!

Luckily, by the time I had my own children, I was more in favour of eucalyptus oil mixed with shea butter — mind you, I didn’t think anything was WRONG with Vicks, I just thought it was more greasy than I like and maybe the smell would be too strong. SEVERE respiratory distress wasn’t even on my mind. As always I say, Who knew?

Still looking for those good tips and tricks for when your child has a cold. Post your wisdom — I know I sure could use it during these frigid winter months!


Watching TV this afternoon, I really paid attention to that new commercial from Gardasil. “What would you do to protect yourself?” The main thing being to get a PAP test and get vaccinated against cervical cancer. Good advice I suppose. I have heard commercials being played ceaselessly on our local urban radio station (I haven’t heard so many on non-urban stations) encouraging young girls to get themselves vaccinated to protect against cervical cancer. I thought this might be a good place to discuss some of the other risk factors of cervical cancer that we can encourage our daughters and young women in our community to AVOID — instead of seeing vaccination as the be-all and end-all of our cervical health. We have more control than we think:

Risk factors for cervical cancer include:

  • becoming sexually active at a young age
    Young women are more susceptible to HPV infection since the cells of the cervix are undergoing rapid change at puberty.
  • having many sexual partners
    Women who have many partners or who have sex with partners who have had many partners, have a greater chance of getting HPV.
  • HIV infection
    The immune system of a woman infected with HIV (the virus that causes AIDS) is less able to fight both the human papillomavirus and early cancers.
  • having a weakened immune system
    Immunocompromised women with chronic fatigue syndrome, women who have had organ transplants and women who are taking steroids are less able to fight HPV infection.
  • smoking
    Smoking appears to be a cofactor with HPV in causing dysplasia, which may progress to cervical cancer.

Let’s talk about these things too. Gardasil may not be talking about them (why discuss risk factors when you only have a few minutes to promote your product) but we can talk about them in our own families and communities. Any thoughts?

“When I see a Black person in an ad, I am more likely to use that product or service.”

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